This is terrible news that shook the world of cinema on August 5, 2022. That day, actress Anne Heche was the victim of a terrible car accident. Indeed, the woman who was driving her Mini Cooper had hit a garage before crashing into the facade of a house in the Mar a Vista district of Los Angeles. Following this collision, her vehicle caught fire and more than 60 firefighters were mobilized to the scene to try to rescue her. 45 minutes after the accident, the emergency services had finally managed to extract him from the car.

Rushed to hospital, Anne Heche was in a coma and her spokesperson had announced that she was in stable condition, before revealing that she would “probably not survive her injuries”. In a state of brain death, the mother of two children had been placed on an artificial respirator before being disconnected on the evening of Sunday August 14. If she died officially because of smoke inhalation and thermal injuries, the Hollywood star was under investigation for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics.

Anne Heche’s accident caused a collateral victim

While Anne Heche is officially the only victim of her terrible accident, another woman considers herself involved in the affair. Indeed, the media Page Six revealed on Monday, November 14 that Lynne Mishele, the owner of the house hit by the actress of Six days, seven nights, was asking for compensation. At the time of the accident, the woman explained that the car had “crossed the front of her house and got deep inside” before finally stopping “a few meters” from her, but also of his dogs Bree and Rueben and his tortoise Marley.

While the woman and her animals were not injured, they were traumatized by the event. If “the sudden and terrifying explosion shook her to the core of herself”, Lynne Mishele described herself as “completely traumatized, abnormally frightened by loud noises, plagued by nightmares and flashbacks of the incident, terrified of going out and, moreover, without a place to live”.

Woman seeks $2 million in restitution

As well as being traumatized by the crash, Lynne Mishele said she lost “a lifetime” of possessions and memories to the fire. Faced with these numerous losses, she asked for 2 million dollars in damages in order to be able to recover from the traumatic accident.

Since the death of Anne Heche, many questions have arisen around her heritage. Indeed, comedian James Tupper, father of his youngest son Atlas, explained that he wanted to have a say in the succession of his ex-companion. He thus stated that she had asked him to be his executor, in charge of carrying out his financial wishes. A situation that did not please his eldest son, Homer Laffoon, 20 years old. He denounced a manipulation to take control of his mother’s property. What trigger tensions between the heirs of the actress.

Anne Heche: the collateral victim of her fatal accident claims her share of the inheritance

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