Anne Hathaway: her rare confidences on her relationship with Adam Shulman

It was time for confidence for Anne Hathaway. In the columns of your magazine Closer to appear on newsstands on Friday, April 9, 2021, the actress has indeed agreed to discuss her love affair with Adam Shulman. And in these times of health crisis, she first explained how the couple overcame this ordeal. “We both managed to take this period with a bit of humor. My husband made every effort to make me laugh very regularly to alleviate the difficult times. Thanks to this strength, our couple became more solid and our a more unshakeable union “she revealed.

According to her statements, Anne Hathaway realized more that she could “depend on and rest” on her husband. “Nevertheless we are moving step by step, day by day. Nobody really knows what the future holds for us and at our level, we are doing everything possible to get through this terrible ordeal” added the actress. What does she prefer about Adam Shulman? “His patience and his humanity. He is a person who is always listening. He is also a very protective man who does not hesitate to give all his energy” then explained Anne Hathaway. Not to mention the fact that he takes good care of their children.

Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway: marriage soon?

So, since everything works like clockwork for the couple, is it possible to put the ring on your finger? “Yes without hesitation. Since the confinement I have noticed that I love my husband even more and in a different way (…) Every day I feel an intense and deep joy at the idea of ​​being here with him and nothing go elsewhere.” she concluded. Find out the rest of his faiths by visiting your newsagent.

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Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman © Backgrid USA

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