Anna Faris: the star’s confidences on the premature birth of her son Jack

As her son will soon celebrate his ninth birthday, Anna Faris feels ready to tell the story of his birth. During a virtual event for the non-profit organization GAPPS, it was as a guest speaker that the 44-year-old actress agreed to confide in the birth of her son, Jack, born prematurely two months before. the term. “I was surprised to find that for my first pregnancy, I was a little energetic and had no nausea. So when I woke up in the middle of the night in a small puddle of liquid, I really didn’t know what to do, ”she shared.

The former Mom star said she went to the hospital immediately and was in shock when doctors told her she would not leave without giving birth. After a week in bed, Anna Faris had started labor and learned that her baby was arriving prematurely. With emotion, the actress recalled, “The day came when I was able to bring Jack home, and the first few years were filled with doctor’s appointments, five surgeries, physiotherapy, a lot of laughs – because Jack was and is the cutest thing I ever imagined. ” Explaining that she didn’t understand why her son was born prematurely, the star added, “My mind kept coming back to the why. Why did I lose my waters? So of course I tried to look for answers ( …) I asked the doctor if the baby’s fingernails could have torn the pocket, I asked him if my pocket was missing anything, if I was running too much, if I was running too little. “

Anna Faris wants to help parents in distress

For a long time, Anna Faris went unanswered … “I couldn’t stop looking. I asked her if the geriatric thing had anything to do with it, if the sausage that I ate …”, t -she revealed. Wishing to raise awareness about premature birth, Chris Pratt’s ex-wife added: “The truth is that in a lot of these cases, we have no idea why it is happening … GAPPS # 1 goal is prevention. And to prevent premature births, we need answers. “


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