It was in the series Inventing Anna, broadcast on Netflix, that she made herself known and it seems that her story is far from over. Anna Delvey, the young woman of Russian origin and German nationality who passed herself off as a rich heiress, has just been released. Anna Sorokin, her real name, has, as Bloomberg reports, obtained her release from the New York prison where she has been for almost a year and a half. As a reminder, the scammer who defrauded dozens of people out of tens of thousands of dollars had been sentenced in 2019 before benefiting from an early release for good behavior in 2021. Only a few weeks later, she had again was arrested and imprisoned by US immigration authorities, having overstayed her visa.

Anna Sorokin will now be able to continue working on her file to stay on American territory from her home. The young woman was released, but under certain conditions. In addition to a bond of 10,000 dollars for her release, Anna Delvey will be confined to her home and will have to submit to 24-hour electronic surveillance. But the hardest thing for this public figure will be to do without social networks. The false heiress is indeed now deprived of any presence on social networks, in particular Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. With a million subscribers on Instagram, Anna Sorokin, however, relies on her notoriety and the fascination she provokes in people to rebuild her reputation.

No crime since 2017

She will have, following this court decision, to find another way to maintain her popularity… Her lawyer, John Sandweg, is satisfied with this new verdict, in particular after pointing out that his client Anna Sorokin “n’t has not been charged with committing a crime since 2017.” As a reminder, the one who pretended to be a rich heiress was notably accused of fraud following her attempt to convince the investment fund Fortress Investment Group to give her several million dollars to launch the Anna Delvey Foundation.

Anna Delvey: the fake Netflix star heiress freed, these heavy sacrifices she is forced to make

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