The time flies ! Just yesterday Nicole Richie was in her twenties and trying her hand at honest jobs with her friend Paris Hilton in The Simple Life. But the sassy young jet-setter of yesteryear has given way to an accomplished businesswoman, married and mother of two. This Tuesday, Nicole Richie officially joined the club of 40 and, true to its habit, the stylist did not do things by halves. As she bent down to blow out the candles on her birthday cake, her hair inadvertently caught fire, at lightning speed to boot. The scene was immortalized by the phone of a loved one filming the celebration, and shared on Nicole Richie’s Instagram account. The latter, armed with a good dose of self-mockery, did not want to deprive its 5 million subscribers of this funny moment, which could however have ended badly. “Well, so far, being 40 is fire!” Even joked the wife of Joel Madden in legend.

Nicole Richie: her video viewed more than 3 million times in one day

The video did not go unnoticed as it was viewed over 3 million times in one day, and generated over 21,000 comments. On the sidelines of Internet users, several celebrities reacted to this fiery scene, such as Jessica Alba, Amy Schumer, Ellen Pompeo, Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton or even Alyssa Milano, who all expressed their concern or their fun. But the prize for the best commentary probably goes to Joel Madden, Nicole Richie’s husband, who simply wrote: “That’s hot”, in reference to the cult phrase of Paris Hilton, at the time of The Simple Life. One thing is certain, Nicole Richie will remember this anniversary … and her hair too.

Nicole Richie’s hair caught fire as she blew out her candles © Instagram

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