Monday, August 30, in Slidell, Louisiana, the hour was in disarray. Flooded streets, torn roofs, cut electricity, … the inhabitants could only observe, with their feet in the water, the extent of the damage caused by the passage of Hurricane Ida. In any case, this is what this 71-year-old man did around noon. He was standing in front of his house, his legs submerged in water, when he suddenly disappeared. His wife, inside the apartment at the time of the tragedy, assures him: a large alligator has attacked her husband.

“Wildlife was also displaced during this storm”

The sexagenarian immediately runs to her husband to help him, as Le Matin relates. She finally manages to get him out of the water and rushes into the house again to look for a first aid kit. But faced with the wounds of her husband, she can only see the gravity of the situation. In a statement, the sheriff’s office explained that she “immediately got into her canoe and went to higher ground for help,” about 1.5 km away. But when she returns, it is already too late.

The 71-year-old man, who was dropped off still alive outside his house, has disappeared again. The sheriff’s office has deployed boats to locate the victim, but so far “all attempts have been unsuccessful.” An investigation has been opened, but it is highly likely that the sixty-year-old was carried underwater by the alligator. Sheriff Randy Smith is warning residents to be extra vigilant when walking in flooded areas. “Wildlife was also displaced during this storm, and alligators and other animals may have come close to the neighborhoods.”

Elsewhere in the country, winds and downpours have beaten many other residents. The latest news is that Hurricane Ida has killed around 40 people in the New York area at least. The survivors are still in shock and are trying to rebuild what they have lost.

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