Angelina Jolie is a committed woman. Unesco Ambassador for many years, the actress regularly defends the causes that are close to her heart: the environment, refugees and even women’s rights. In recent days, it is moreover to discuss the subject of violence against women that she has met several political representatives at the White House. With them, she defended the reinstatement of the Violence Against Women Act, a federal law to assist women victims of violence. Enacted 27 years ago by former President Bill Clinton, it has created government programs to tackle crimes, such as sexual assault and domestic violence. On site, Angelina Jolie met with Senator Dick Durbin. To Forbes, he explained that the actress had “a lot of knowledge on the subject”.

“I met briefly this morning the tireless and committed Angelina Jolie to talk about the importance of re-authorizing the law on violence against women and the importance of continuing to fight for women, children and families around the world, “tweeted Jen Psaki, the White House attaché. As CNN reports, she also spoke with Kate Bedingfield, communications director, and Jennifer Klein, gender officer at the White House. After these meetings, Angelina Jolie explained to reporters why she wanted to fight for this law. “We are living in a real crisis,” she admitted, before confiding that she had participated in “good bipartite meetings” on Capitol Hill, which she described as “encouraging” for the future. In Washington, she also met several gymnasts who are currently testifying against Larry Nassar, ex-physiotherapist of the American Federation, convicted of sexual assault.

Angelina Jolie wants to fight for “reforms to take place”

On Instagram, she posted a photo with several young women who spoke to Congress and said she was “honored to have been able to meet some of America’s brave gymnasts.” “I am impressed by their courage and commitment to prevent further failed abuse investigations in the future,” wrote Angelina Jolie. He continued: “As Aly Raisman said in her testimony: ‘Over 100 victims could have been spared from the abuse. All we needed was an adult to do the right thing.’ ” On Instagram, she called for “system reforms” before talking about her visit to Washington: “I was on Capitol Hill this week, discussing with senators the reauthorization of the violence against women law. women and FBI reforms, including better protection for abused children, the collection of unbiased forensic evidence, trauma care, and forensic training. “

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