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Angelina Jolie: her surprise gift to two six-year-olds

Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie advocates for various humanitarian causes around the world and is renowned for her work on behalf of refugees. Through the power of social media, the star heard about two six-year-old British children who wanted to raise funds for those suffering from the humanitarian crisis in Yemen through their lemonade stand! Touched by the investment of young boys, Angelina Jolie then decided to give them a donation, the amount of which has not been disclosed. Thanks to this, the two children will be able to help Yemen, where a devastating five-year civil war – with a camp supported militarily by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – has left half of the population at risk of starvation, according to estimates.

If Angelina Jolie supported the cause of the two young boys by donating to them, she also sent them a letter that they will surely cherish for many years to come. In the latter, the mother of six writes: “Thank you for all that you and your friends are doing to help the children of Yemen. I’m sorry that I can’t buy you lemonade, but I would still like to make a donation to your stand. ” In order to thank her, the two boys wanted to thank her by sending her a nice video on their Instagram account. In the latter, they explain to the camera, “Hi Angelina, I’m Ayaan. And I’m Mikaeel. And we’re the boys of LemonAid. We just wanted to thank you for donating to our cause. really helped raise more money and raise awareness in Yemen. ” In addition to thanking her, the two children added that if the actress went to London, she would be welcome to buy them a glass of fresh lemonade!

“She was so amazing”

For CNN, Ayaan’s father Shakil Moose said that Angelina Jolie contacted the family last August and offered to make a donation that had been made earlier this week: “She was so amazing. surreal, she’s not just a random star, we’re talking about one of the biggest names on the planet, so it’s kind of overwhelming. She’s phenomenal. ” The two boys have now reportedly raised more than $ 90,000 and hope to increase that number to 190,000.

Angelina Jolie © SGP

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