It is as quiet as it is powerful. But for more than thirty years, it is he who shares the life of Angela Merkel. First married to Ulrich Merkel, whose name she kept without keeping very fond memories, the future former German Chancellor met her second husband at the Bayreuth opera festival in 1981. Both fans of music by Richard Wagner, they found each other and never left each other again. A report from the Stasi, the police of the former GDR, then states that the two scientists have come together: “Sauer often goes to see her in the labor room. They have coffee together.” After a few years of romance away from the spotlight, Angela Merkel and Joachim Sauer got married in a private ceremony celebrated in December 1998. And since then, Joachim Sauer methodically fled the media, which even ironically nicknamed him “the phantom of the Opera” “since he does not make extremely rare public appearances alongside his wife, especially during the famous Bayreuth festival.

But at home, the discussions between the two spouses must be high profile. Because like Angela Merkel, who has a doctorate and did her thesis on quantum chemistry, Joachim Sauer is a physicist and specialist in quantum chemistry. Born in April 1949 in Hosena, he studied in Berlin, where he defended a thesis on the consequences of Koopmans’ theorem. He began his career at the GDR research center, at the Academy of Sciences and then at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry in Berlin. Received doctor of science in 1985, he received, five years later, the certificate of aptitude for teaching. After spending several years in San Diego, United States, Joachim Sauer returned to Germany where he has been a professor since 1993 at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Angela Merkel and Joachim Sauer have the same passions

Unlike Angela Merkel, who never had a child, her husband became a father twice with his first wife, a chemist: Daniel and Adrian. The eminent chemistry professor, medalist and rewarded for his work on multiple occasions, refuses since the beginning of his marriage with Angela Merkel all the interviews which do not concern his profession. Out of the question for him to evoke the couple he has formed for more than thirty years with Angela Merkel. And when they’re not working, the two like to share nature hikes, especially in the mountains, where they are regularly seen. Once Angela Merkel has left power, after sixteen years, it is surely on the German summits that we will find the discreet couple.

Angela Merkel and Joachim Sauer © GTRES

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