Simple and efficient. This is what the outfits of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is about to cede power, have always had in common. She is also one of the rare public figures not to hesitate to put back clothes already worn, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the most attentive. Liberation reports this Tuesday, September 21 that a journalist who has also pointed out these clothing habits was quickly put back in his place. When he asked Angela Merkel about clothes worn several times, the latter simply replied: “My mission is to serve the German people, not to do a fashion show”.

Buttoned tailored jacket, straight pants and flats, if the first woman president of the Christian Democratic Union always wears the same outfit, there is a reason. Liberation first emphasizes that its clothes serve as “a uniform-shell on which time glides like the comments”, but that is not all. Recycling her outfits also allows the Chancellor to send a message about the fashion industry and the pollution it generates. By wearing the same clothes several times, Angela Merkel stands against waste and overconsumption, and therefore for a little more ecological consideration.

Angela Merkel, a fashion icon in her own way?

Several personalities seem to follow, more and more, the example of Angela Merkel who consists in giving the same outfit to public events without feeling embarrassed. This is particularly the case of Letizia of Spain, wife of King Felipe VI, or of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. The latter has already affirmed, with her husband Prince William, her desire to fight for ecology and against global warming, and therefore dresses accordingly by putting on some outfits already worn. A trend that makes it possible to rediscover certain clothes in other contexts and with other accessories, while fighting against overconsumption of clothing, this is what is called a win-win.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel © Imago

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