She may have escaped the worst! In the 1960s, Angela Lansbury lived in Los Angeles with her husband, Peter Shaw, and their two children, Anthony and Deirdre, who were then teenagers. As she tells in the pages of the Daily Mail in 2014, the latter had taken to consuming all kinds of hard drugs. “Peter and I had no idea what was going on. But we had no experience with drugs. We didn’t know what finding a pipe in a drawer meant. Why would we know? “, confided Angela Lansbury before adding: “And then we ended up finding out, but we did not know how to help them. At the time, there were no experts who could advise parents either. children from good families who used drugs, and sometimes overdosed. It was like an epidemic.”

And as a misfortune never comes alone, the actress also discovered at the time that her daughter had fallen under the thumb of a famous criminal. “There were factions on the hills of Malibu who were engaged in deadly activities. It pains me to say this but, at one time, Deidre was part of a gang led by Charles Manson,” Angela Lansbury said. . As she says, her daughter was one of “the many young people who knew him and were fascinated by him.” If the young woman never completely abandoned her family to live full time with Charles Manson – as many young people did at the time – she was still useful to him, since when the members of his sect had to “buy clothes or car parts, they didn’t have to worry about the cost because (Deirdre) paid for everything with her mother’s credit cards.”

Faced with their children’s growing heroin use and Deirdre’s growing involvement in Charles Manson’s sect, Angela Lansbury and her husband Peter Shaw made the decision to leave Los Angeles to move to Ireland. “We found a house in County Cork,” said the actress. “I was drawn to Ireland because it was my mother’s birthplace and it was also a place where my children would not be exposed to bad influences (…) Settling in Ireland meant It was an opportunity to start from scratch and get back to basics”.

Angela Lansbury: How She Saved Her Kids From Drugs

Once there, Angela Lansbury was able to find a doctor who prescribed her two children methadone, a heroin substitute, which helped Deidre and Anthony cope with withdrawal symptoms as they began to recover. detoxify. “Anthony got rid of his bad habits very quickly. It took Deidre a little longer, but she eventually got married and she and her husband now live in Los Angeles, where they run their own Italian restaurant” , assured the actress, “mortified” at the idea of ​​​​imagining what could have happened to her children without her intervention.

Angela Lansbury: how the actress rescued her daughter from the clutches of Charles Manson

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