The first images of the trailer are striking. With tight shots in black and white, Blonde features Ana de Armas in the role of Marilyn Monroe… and we believe it. The 34-year-old actress, who promises to be stunning in this biopic, has been increasing her remarkable performances in recent years. After Blade Runner in 2017 then At Knives Out in 2019, Ana de Armas appeared in the latest James Bond film, Dying Can Wait, in 2021, then starred with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in the blockbuster The gray man in 2022. Its already growing popularity is likely to take off on September 28, the day Blonde is released on Netflix. But if Ana de Armas looks like the new rising star of cinema, her presence in the media is not only due to her filmography. Indeed, the young woman had a very close relationship with Ben Affleck, met in 2019 on the set of Deep Water. Inseparable, the two actors were constantly photographed in public, to the point of boring Internet users, who only saw them on the Web. Finally, Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck ended their romance in January 2021, and you are aware that the actor has since found love with his ex, Jennifer Lopez, whom he married for the second time in July 2022.

Ana de Armas: this series in which her ex-husband and Úrsula Corberó played

Ana de Armas was also married in the past, before meeting Ben Affleck. During 2010, the actress began a relationship with the Spanish actor Marc Clotet, before saying “Yes” to him on the Costa Brava, in July 2011, but the couple finally divorced in 2013. Not known internationally, Marc Clotet still made a notable appearance in the Spanish series Physique ou Chimie, broadcast from 2008 to 2011. A series which also revealed Úrsula Corberó, the interpreter of Tokyo in Money Heist.

Ana de Armas (Blonde): who is Marc Clotet, her ex-husband?

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