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An unusual story! She gives birth in the lobby of her hotel in the middle of the night

In their last issue, our colleagues from Nice Matin evoke the crazy story experienced by a young woman named Natalia. The latter had decided to go to the hotel La Villa Port d’Antibes to enjoy her vacation, but everything did not go as planned. While she was in her room one evening, she was not “feeling very well”. Her husband and their first daughter, aged 5, should have joined her a little later.

Pregnant with her second child, Natalia had not yet reached the end of her pregnancy. But that famous evening, everything accelerated and she was seized with violent contractions. “I went down to reception to ask for a taxi to go to the hospital. The team told me that they were calling for help,” the native Russian explained to our colleagues. At that time, the four-star establishment was run by a night porter named Samy Chekarda. This 56-year-old receptionist “immediately saw” that the client was “doing badly” and he “called 15 directly, then 112”. He then took matters into his own hands by laying Natalia on the floor of the hotel lobby, covered with a towel, since she was not in a condition to wait in her room.

A team that will remember this story for a long time

The firefighters then arrived on the spot and “then it went very quickly”, Samy clarified before adding: “In just a few minutes, I saw the baby stick out his head! Then again a few minutes later, he was entirely outside “. The young mother thus gave birth to a baby boy named Maxim. “Everyone supported me. I was told encouraging, kind things, these people I didn’t know were really considerate. I would really like to thank them!” Said Natalia, grateful. The cabbage is in very good health. “It’s really impressive. I had tears in my eyes because it’s so exceptional,” said the receptionist, with emotion. For his part, the owner of the establishment which has just opened, Vincent Prieux, is convinced that “this will remain a highlight for the team”.

An unusual story! She gives birth in the lobby of her hotel in the middle of the night © Image by hyeongchae hwang from Pixabay

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