An unfortunately banal tragedy! In the United States, a two-year-old shoots himself in the head

A drama that is starting to become a habit. In the United States, a two-year-old child died on Wednesday after finding a loaded gun in the bag of a loved one. The little boy was shot in the head “after accidentally shooting himself,” according to Waco, Texas, police.

The 21-year-old owner of the gun first fled before handing himself over to the police a few hours later in remorse. He is currently in custody for “withholding evidence” as the tragedy comes after many other similar cases in the country where the guns are legal.

765 dead in six years

“Every year in the United States, hundreds of children gain access to loaded and unsecured guns, in closets, nightstands, backpacks or purses, or simply left lying around and unintentionally shooting.” , writes a report from the Everytown For Gun Safety association, which campaigns for better regulation of firearms.

Since 2015, the latter has recorded 765 dead and more than 1,500 people injured in shots deemed “unintentional”. A real scourge.

A two year old child shoots himself in the head © Pexels

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