Take revenge with the means at hand. In Singapore, a domestic servant was convicted of several offenses committed against her boss. This 32-year-old woman, who considered herself mistreated, wanted to make her employer pay in a foreign way. In particular, she filled her water jug ​​several times with water that came from the toilets, and also spat into water that was intended for consumption. The maid also took the opportunity to use luxury cosmetics from the family who employed her.

It is thanks to surveillance cameras installed in the home that the actions of the servant were discovered, reports the TODAYonline site. Faced with irrefutable evidence, the young woman of Filipino origin admitted the facts, but her lawyer highlighted the mistreatment of which she claimed to be a victim to justify such acts: her phone had been confiscated, she had not been paid since two months, she was accumulating hours of work and was undernourished.

The servant sentenced to one month in prison

However, the judge in charge of the case did not accept the arguments. “If you have a grievance, there are legitimate ways to bring it up, but it’s not okay to do it the way you did,” he explained.

The maid was eventually sentenced to one month in prison for her revenge and for her thefts.

Water © pexels

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