An influencer shot dead by her friends live on Tiktok

When she was only 20 years old, Areline Martinez was killed. Indeed, the young woman from Mexico died while she was live on Tiktok. As reported by the site 7 sur 7, she had wanted to stage a kidnapping, but it turned sour. In October, Areline Martinez indeed organized a false kidnapping with his friends. In the leaked footage, the young influencer can be seen blindfolded and hands tied sitting on a bench. The false kidnapper holds a gun and pretends to threaten to kneel down. Unfortunately, following the script, a detonation (which was probably not planned) sounded. The latter was fatal for the young woman who died instantly.

Note that, still according to 7 out of 7, Arline Martinez was a mother. According to the first police reports, ten people were present at the scene of the shooting when she died. Two of them, including the perpetrator of the homicide, fled directly. The police were able to identify them, but they could not be found.

EL PREMIO A LOS PNDJOS DEL DÍA -Por grabar Tik Tok de un secuestro con armas reales y cargadas se les fue un tiro cal 45 y matan a Areline Martínez presunta secuestrada, esto en Chichuahua, el video es un detrás de las cámaras previo! ‍♂️ #sigue al BARÓN y te sigo!

– ó (@elbaronnews) October 5, 2020

Areline Martinez dead live on Tiktok: a stunt?

Following this tragic drama, a question remains: did the shooter accidentally shoot? Did he know the gun was loaded? The Mexican justice opened an investigation and explained: “Here is one of the possible scenarios: they made the males with the weapon while thinking that it was obviously not loaded and the shot, gone by itself, accidentally claimed the life of the victim “. Areline Martinez, followed by twelve thousand people on Instagram, was not at his first video of its kind.

Alerine Martinez © Instagram Capture

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