Jayce, the eleven-month-old son of two St. Lucia County Sheriff’s Deputies, has been orphaned. Clayton Osteen, 24, Jayce’s father attempted suicide on New Years Eve. Due to his injuries, the young deputy sheriff had to be taken to hospital. The sheriff’s office said Osteen’s family decided to unplug him on Sunday, January 2. In its statement on Tuesday, January 4, the sheriff’s office also announced the death by suicide of 23-year-old Victoria Pacheco, his companion.

Victoria Pacheco is the spouse of Clayton Osteen, and is the mother of eleven-month-old infant Jayce, who is currently an orphan. Victoria is also a sheriff’s deputy. Clayton Osteen’s obituary informs us that he joined the St. Lucia County Sheriff’s Office in 2019. We also learn that he was named Deputy of the Year in 2020. Clayton Osteen’s suicide has was a shock to everyone. And it was even more so for his companion.

Both parents committed suicide two days apart

Clayton Osteen made her suicide attempt on the evening of December 31, Victoria Pacheco committed suicide two days later. “Clayton was pretty darn funny, someone you could always count on in times of need, and he loved being an uncle … But of all his accomplishments, he was the most proud to be a father,” said his relatives. According to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara, Sheriff of St. Lucia County, Clayton and Victoria were ambitious young assistants and an asset to his entire team.

The sheriff said it is impossible to fully understand the circumstances that led to the suicide of both parents. Nonetheless, he reiterates that as humans, law enforcement personnel “often bear the brunt of the” stress of those they serve “in addition to their own difficulties.”

Funeral of Clayton Osteen and Victoria Pacheco © People

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