The story had caused a lot of ink to flow. In 2020, a 23-year-old young woman revealed how, in 2019, Romeo Elvis “(had) entered her dressing room without her consent and (had) touched her”. To the singer, she wrote, “I don’t want to ruin your life. I just want you to realize that what you did was really wrong. I hope you never do this kind of thing again. anything to anyone.” Faced with the media coverage of the case, Roméo Elvis ended up speaking on social networks to publicly apologize. “The networks are on fire; yes: I became aware of having used my hands inappropriately on someone, believing that I was responding to an invitation that was not one, and stopping in the moments that followed as soon as I understood. I sincerely regret this gesture and above all, I publicly reiterate the apologies already expressed many times in private and in person, “wrote the young man. This Monday, almost two years after the discovery of the affair, Roméo Elvis returned to this controversial episode

Roméo Elvis: “It was a necessary questioning”

Faced with the voice of Nathalie Lévy in En aparté, Roméo Elvis agreed to talk about this affair, and the long media break he took afterwards. “It was a necessary questioning. It was an inappropriate gesture”, explained the one who underwent therapy to understand how he had come to this. “I apologized personally, to the person I mean, and publicly. I think it was necessary to take responsibility, to realize what we represent publicly.” The singer explains that he also discussed this story with his sister, Angèle, who “did not experience well” the situation. “You know my sister, you know her convictions”, dropped Roméo Elvis before adding: “Obviously we spoke. We discussed long and sincerely.”

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