John Shaw, a life-sentenced serial killer, was released from Arbor Hill Prison on Sunday, May 22, 2022. For carrying out the abduction, rape, torture and then murder of 22-year-old Elizabeth Plunkett, and Mary Duffy, 24, this evil serial killer has been imprisoned since 1976. This is the first time in 46 years that he has set foot outside prison. 75-year-old John Shaw is Ireland’s oldest inmate, according to the Mirror. For his temporary freedom, the serial killer of the 70s was given a walk in the city of Dublin escorted by two penitentiaries in civilian clothes.

As he walked through the prison gates, the serial killer was all smiles. “Several years ago, he had been granted the right to two days of annual temporary release under escort, but had not been allowed out on the grounds that he was still a danger to women”, specifies the Mirror. According to a source at the Sunday Mirror, the John Shaw release day has been repeatedly canceled due to the pandemic.

The serial killer on temporary release was entitled to a small coffee

Also according to the Sunday Mirror source, Ireland’s oldest inmate has no family or friends. In addition, his serial killer friend, Geoffrey Evans, died of sepsis in 2012 after a 4-year long coma in a Dublin hospital. The two twisted minds met in an English prison and traveled around Ireland in the summer of 1976 with the evil plan of killing one woman a week. With nowhere to go, the former serial killer chose to “walk around central Dublin and stop for a coffee,” the source said.

John Shaw © The Mirror

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