An aperitif that turns vinegar. On October 28, 2022, in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland, police officers shared a “very drunk” aperitif with colleagues at the Carl-Vogt police station when the situation degenerated, reports the Tribune de Genève. Visibly drunk, an inspector from the Narcotics Squad injured another officer with his service weapon. The shots were aimed at a garbage can in the police station, but a bullet ricocheted. The policeman suffered a foot injury and was rushed to hospital for surgery.

Seven shots inside the police station

According to information from the local daily, the shooter fired seven times with his service weapon in the presence of five of his colleagues. “One was hit by a projectile in the foot and had to undergo surgery,” said the prosecutor’s office, quoted by several media including the newspaper Le Parisien. No other details on the circumstances of the incident have been disclosed by the Geneva prosecutor’s office. The tipsy shooter’s blood alcohol level was also not disclosed. The latter was heard by the general inspection of services, the police force but also by the public prosecutor. Following these interrogations, he was released but he is charged with “endangering the lives of others, negligent bodily harm and obstructing measures to ascertain the ability to drive”.

As in any profession, police officers are not allowed to consume alcohol on duty. Last June, a policeman from Nanterre was given a six-month suspended prison sentence for having driven the official vehicle of his prefect companion, drunk and under the influence of illicit substances.

An aperitif in a police station degenerates, the sequel is surreal

An aperitif in a police station degenerates, the sequel is surreal © Scoot Rodgerson / Unsplash

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