A real bag of knots. In Australia, a 33-year-old woman named Elle Batchelor created a terrible knot in her hair after working out. She indeed went swimming in the ocean in Sydney, then ran 8 kilometers, all with her hair tied in a braid. So when she tried to get her hair out later that evening, she found it was completely tangled. She couldn’t even pass a brush through it.

Disaster, Elle Batchelor then asked her best friend Sarah for help, as can be seen in a video posted by the unfortunate on TikTok. The friend then proposed some rather original solutions to overcome this huge knot: a hair mask, olive oil and fabric softener. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned and the situation got even worse.

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An expensive disentanglement

After uploading her video on TikTok, Elle Batchelor received thousands of comments and many netizens gave advice on how to fix the issue. “Try peanut butter”, for example, offered him a subscriber. The young woman even considered cutting this huge knot, which she named Mat. But she knew she risked damaging her hair even more.

The young Australian therefore resolved to turn to professionals to overcome it. Elle Batchelor went to a professional hair salon. And the bill was salty because the influencer paid 650 euros in Evo conditioner and labor. She can still thank her friend Chad, a hairdresser, for having managed to overcome this terrible knot.

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An abominable knot in his hair ends up costing him dearly

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