A drama that the family of the little girl does not explain … Tuesday, May 31, 2022, Alicia Tall, an 11-year-old child born in Saint-Denis, who lived in the United Kingdom, killed herself. She practiced gymnastics in the room she shared with her sister, before going to their bathroom. When she did not come out, her sister forced her way in and found her dead. Quickly, she and her mother called the emergency services to resuscitate her. Alas, it was already too late. Doctors rushed her to Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, and pronounced her dead an hour later.

According to Alicia’s parents, Illa Tall and Jennifer Newman, she was “a charming little girl” and do not understand what happened. The only clue came from a post-mortem examination which found marks of self-harm on her arms. In addition, it was found that she had not consumed alcohol or drugs. Forensic police officer Alan Blunsden concluded that although she left no suicide note, Alicia Tall had deliberately taken steps to end her life. “She was a bright girl and would have known her actions would likely result in her death. But in this case, there were none of the usual indications of bad temper, and no prior indication that she intended to kill herself. “, did he declare.

A seemingly happy little girl

Following the death of Alicia Tall, the police carried out inquiries at her school, with her family, with her general practitioner and also consulted her tablet. They found no evidence of abuse or harassment, and no evidence that she had visited harmful websites. After the investigation, her father, Illa Tall told KM, “She was a lovely girl. She loved her gymnastics. Everything was fine. We just can’t understand how this could have happened.”

An 11-year-old child exercises in her room, a few minutes later everything changes

Alicia Tall © Illa Tall / SWNS

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