Amy Winehouse: her brother’s thesis on the causes of his death at the age of 27

It will soon be 10 years since Amy Winehouse died, yet the circumstances surrounding this tragic event remain mysterious. It was on July 23, 2011 that the singer was found lifeless at her home and according to forensic scientists, it was too much alcohol in her system that caused the death of Amy Winehouse. Yet his brother Alex Winehouse explained in an interview with the Observer that his sister suffered from another disorder which he said was the main cause of her death. “She would have ended up dying anyway with this lifestyle, but what really killed her was bulimia.”

Amy Winehouse’s brother explains that since her teenage years, the singer hung out with a group of girls suffering from bulimia and that, without it, she could have avoided death. “If she hadn’t had an eating disorder, she would have been stronger physically. She and her friends all did. They put lots of really fatty sauces on their food, they gobbled it up and then threw up. They quit. but Amy never really could. We all knew what she was doing but it’s almost impossible to get over that, especially if we don’t talk about it. ” For Alex Winehouse, it is therefore the bulimia that his sister developed at the age of 17 that is responsible for his death.

Alex Winehouse: “It was bulimia that really killed her”

The star’s brother believes the illness weakened her and made her more vulnerable, which, combined with the fame and all that came with it, ended up leading to her death. Amy Winehouse consumed large amounts of alcohol and drugs, but her brother remains convinced that without the fight against bulimia that she led for years, the singer would have resisted better. 4 years her senior, Alex Winehouse keeps the memory of a sister “sometimes frustrating or annoying, but above all loving, incredibly generous and very loyal, as well as a sister, as a daughter or as a friend”.


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