Jeanie-May Cooke is only 11 years old and yet she has just entered the record books as the first person to beat a rare cancer via an innovative treatment. A heavy fight started in 2018 when doctors no longer believed in it…

According to the doctors, there was nothing more to be done. When Jeanie-May Cooke was diagnosed with leukemia and histiocytic sarcoma in 2017, she also learned that her chances of survival were extremely slim.

A year later, the cancer had spread to his lungs, kidneys and liver. But the young girl and her mother do not give up the fight. This also convinces doctors to try a new innovative drug.

A mother’s persuasion

When they were warned there was ‘nothing more they could do’ to save Jeanie-May, her mother, Katie Hannaford, begs doctors to test her daughter on a pioneering new drug being tested in the United States. United and known as Trametinib “I begged them to try to find a way to get in touch with an American specialist who was using this pioneering drug,” Katie told the Mirror newspaper. For 54 months, Jeanie-May will take this medicine to hope to overcome her rare and incurable cancer and the incredible will happen, the little girl is finally cured “This medicine that she took before the bone marrow transplant saved her life,” said Katie.

A normal child

Jeanie-May’s journey has not been easy. In 2018, the schoolgirl had most of her right leg amputated due to complications from leukemia and now has a wheelchair to help her get around. Despite these hardships, the 11-year-old is grateful for all the support she has received, adding, “People who donate their bone marrow so people like me can have a transplant are amazing. I don’t know who they are but I’m very happy and I thank them for their donation”. For her mum, it’s an incredible victory “Jeanie is now cured of cancer and we are planning a big birthday party on August 20th and will rent a big bell so Jeanie can ring it to say that she is better and to say thank you everyone who supported her” adding “It is wonderful to see her being a normal child, a chance that we thought she would never have”.

Fight to achieve your dreams

Today, the young girl is a brilliant and above all, happy student. His goal ? Fulfilling her dream of becoming an ice cream seller and starting her own Cookies Creams business. By publicizing her daughter’s story, Katie hopes to send a strong message “Remember, when someone says you can’t do it, there’s always a first person who can” adding “Jeanie- May is that first person. Never give up hope. Fight with everything, dream big and achieve bigger. Jeanie proved them all wrong”.


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