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American dies after eating too much licorice

On Wednesday September 23, 2020, the New England Journal of Medicine unveiled the tragic story of a 54-year-old American. Residing in Massachusetts, the latter died of a rather surprising cause. In fact, he ate a bag and a half of black liquorice every day. It took two weeks of excessive consumption of this famous candy, made from a plant, for his body to let go.

The day before his death, he had collapsed in the middle of a fast food restaurant. He breathed his last the next day after a heart attack while in hospital. This is a rare case, but it reminds us that consuming this candy is not without consequences. Eating too much licorice can unfortunately cause heart problems. This confectionery contains the sweetener “glycyrrhizic acid”. The latter can lower the potassium level and cause high blood pressure, swelling, increased heart rate or muscle pain. These risks affect people over the age of forty all the more. Massachusetts General Hospital cardiologist Dr. Neel Butala reveals that “even a small amount of licorice can increase blood pressure.”

A sweetener that is also found in some beers

According to information from the Food and Drug Administration, 50 grams of black licorice (or about 3 candies) eaten for two days can cause an irregular heartbeat. However, this candy is not the only one that is singled out by doctors since jelly-based confectionery, licorice teas or even some Belgian beers contain glycyrrhizic acid, which is dangerous for health. from a certain quantity.

Illustrative photo © Image by Nat Aggiato from Pixabay

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