Amelia Windsor: William and Harry’s cousin, voted most beautiful woman of the royal family, on a dating site

Clearly, people are people like any other. Amelia Windsor, 25, a member of the British royal family and a distant cousin of the two prince brothers, has given in to the appeal of dating apps by registering on the Raya platform, which has counted among its users many VIPs in the like Matthew Perry or Harry Styles. The paid application – it costs about ten euros per month – is very popular with celebrities and it is therefore natural that Amelia Windsor has oriented itself towards the latter rather than towards the classics Tinder, Happn or even Bumble. If you want to try your luck at approaching the young woman, also voted “most beautiful woman of the royal family” by Tatler magazine, you will have to put your hand in the wallet. Rather discreet about her private life, Amelia Windsor never spoke publicly about her past loves, but we know, however, that she lived a romance “with a handsome young Italian man”, as revealed by the Daily Mail. In 2019, the young woman was also photographed alongside Otis Ferry, the son of singer Brian Ferry, and the two young people seemed very complicit.

William and Harry, towards reconciliation?

On Thursday July 1, the long-awaited official reunion between Prince William and Prince Harry – on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue of their mother, Diana – was scrupulously analyzed by the media around the world. Obviously determined to put their differences aside for this symbolic day, the two brothers “discussed both by appearing smiling,” as reported The Mirror. Moments before discovering the statue, William would have expressed his apprehension to his brother by slipping “It is important that we do it well”, to which Harry would have replied, reassuring: “Everything will be fine”.

Amelia Windsor © Veeren Ramsamy-Christophe Clovis

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