It was by taking part in the program Families and Many that Ambre Dol became known. The mother of the family was at the side of Alexandre, her husband. Last November, it was in her Instagram story that she announced that she had separated from the father of her children. “There have been big changes in our lives, the bilateral pneumonia was not the only reason for our absence. Many of you have understood this, Alexandre and I have decided to take a different path”, she had explain. Since then, the daily life of Ambre Dol has not always been easy, especially since she is not alongside these five children. On February 9, she shared a photo on her Instagram account and shared her feelings in the caption. “I will never get used to it”, she started before adding: “Tomorrow is the holidays and who says holidays … Says a week without my children”. Very distressed, Ambre Dol indicated that she was going to take care of it so as not to think about it too much. “I try to occupy my mind as much as I can, I even have fun, especially when I see a friend, but separations are always very difficult for me to accept,” she admitted. “I love you my loves”, concluded the mother of the family. A situation that is not obvious.

Ambre Dol is transparent with Internet users, especially since she knows that she can count on their support. This Wednesday, March 1, it was in an Instagram post that she spoke and confided. She notably mentioned her descent into hell experienced following her divorce with Alexandre, but also the health problems she may have encountered. “I have come a long way and I am aware today of the strength that I have…”, she began before providing details: “I am a strong woman… This slope, I brought it up thanks to them but also because I never doubted the honest, true and authentic person that I am…”. Her breakup with her husband was a very difficult step for Ambre Dol and she had a lot of trouble getting over it. “I found myself at 42 kilos because of the various hardships that got in my way as a mom but also as a woman (health problems, separation…)”, she declared, in all transparency. If Ambre Dol has managed to climb the slope, it is thanks in particular to her children. “I wanted to fight for my children, finally today, I fight for them but also for myself!”, She said before talking about her pride. “I am proud of my children, the family that we are but also the family and friends around me…”, she continued.

Ambre Dol: “I was physically and psychologically exhausted”

Ambre Dol was transparent with her subscribers and she shared a video in which we can see her very weakened. “My loved ones knew how to move me when I no longer wanted to dress, they knew how to support me in a period when I was physically and psychologically exhausted, they knew how to pull me up when at the bottom” , she said. While she was at the bottom of the hole, the mother of the family was able to count on her entourage to help her overcome this separation, which destroyed her. “I don’t have words strong enough to express the love they have for them…”, she admitted before adding: “But I just want them to know that they gave me the desire to fight me, that they replaced my tears with smiles, tears with laughter… and if they were able to do it at that time, it means that they will be never in my heart.” In the comments, Ambre Dol was able to count on the support of Internet users, who congratulated her for not having given up.

Ambre Dol separated from her husband: "I'll never get used to it", this moment that she dreads more than anything

Ambre Dol separated from her husband Alexandre © Instagram

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