Entering winter was not easy for Ambre Dol. At the beginning of November, we learned of his hospitalization after feeling severe pain in the respiratory system and having started to cough up blood. On Instagram, the mother of the family had reassured her followers, explaining that she suffered from bilateral pneumonia. “I felt safe, I just wanted to be treated on a chair, on a stretcher, a bed… whatever, but I was relieved to be in the hospital, taken care of. supported by a benevolent team despite their sustained activity, I could finally release the pressure”, she confided, now serene. The consequence of a fatigue accumulated for a long time, but also of the moral weight which weighs on his shoulders since Ambre Dol had to suffer strong criticism on the education of his children. “I tend […] to always want to do too much, but for once, there, I need to listen to my body, the one that I tend to abuse most of the time.” Ambre Dol was not, however, at the end of her surprises: back home, the young mother announced that she had been diagnosed with a “perhaps benign” nodule, but 5.5 millimeters big.

This Friday, November 25, the star of Large Family broke the silence in which she had walled herself for some time to make a shock announcement to her some 240,000 subscribers. “It is obvious that you were going to notice a change in our lives so I feel a little small “obligated” to announce it to you”, begins Ambre Dol. “I really needed this break, big changes have taken place in our lives. My bilateral pneumopathy is not the only reason for our absence.” She finally announces bluntly: “With Alexandre we have decided to take a different path.” Despite the shock announcement, Ambre Dol does not intend to expand on this separation that we imagine without doubt rather painful: “I will remain silent about our separation, I believe that it is part of our secret garden and especially that of our children.” A family overflowing with love to which she pays a touching tribute at the conclusion of her post: “I measure how lucky I am to have given birth to 5 wonderful healthy children. I am so proud of each of them. them.”

When did Ambre Dol join the cast of Large Families?

It was in the second season of Large Families – life in XXL that the public got to know Ambre Dol, emergency nurse and head of the family alongside her former companion. The young mother gave birth to two children with the latter, expanding a little more her small tribe which already had three children born from a previous union. Ambre and Alexandre were married on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. The young bride then confided to her followers on Instagram: “Just know that this day was beyond our expectations: we are totally fulfilled! It was a dream princess to become his wife and it was realized […] This marriage is not only ours but also that of our whole family! Ambre Dol used to reserve warm declarations of love for Alexandre. A new page is being written today in his life.

Ambre Dol (Large families) and her separated husband: her shock announcement

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