A young woman on the rise. In just two seasons, Ambre Chalumeau has become one of the essential faces of Quotidien on TMC. On January 24, the culture columnist even had the honors of her first prime-time. If it was not a great success – bringing together 771,000 viewers, or 3.5% of the public -, Ambre Chalumeau is nonetheless a journalist to watch. One thing is certain: the young woman of 25 years has already seen her notoriety explode. “People recognize me in the street and I have gained some exposure on social networks,” she confirms in the columns of PureMédias. And to confide: “They are not always tender but as I embody the chronicle culture, I do well.”

His antenna comrades can not say the same, according to Ambre Chalumeau. “I think the life of political or social commentators is much more complicated than mine. I know that someone like Maïa Mazaurette who makes feminist comments is the victim of suffocating online hatred. I know that reporters who make political subjects are often approached in the street by people who are not necessarily friendly. Me on that side, it’s fine”, she develops. And then, Ambre Chalumeau protects herself from online violence by not having a Twitter account and by “staying away from it”. It must be said that she suffered from it when she started, two and a half years ago.

These things that Ambre Chalumeau is forbidden since she officiates at Daily

“I pricked myself with this needle at the very beginning of Daily. I watched what he said to himself. It was dizzying and not always pleasant”, she admits. In addition to this notoriety, has Daily changed the life of its columnist? “I can’t say that my life has changed but it is different,” said the main interested party. She forbids herself certain things since we recognize her in the street. “Today, I would no longer allow myself to sing Gabrielle by Johnny Hallyday dead drunk in karaoke on a Saturday evening for fear that it would end up on the internet”, she laments, before qualifying: “Afterwards I don’t I’m not Kim Kardashian, my small notoriety remains on a human scale. Besides, I will not say that I am famous, I say that I work in a program that is famous.

Ambre Chalumeau: what she no longer allows herself to do “drunk” since she joined Quotidien

Amber Chalumeau © doc TMC

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