Kate Moss has definitely not finished overwhelming Amber Heard. In May, ‘the twig’ testified on behalf of her ex-boyfriend, Johnny Depp, in her trial against Amber Heard. The trial had already taken big turns, but the testimony of Kate Moss was one of the biggest twists in the Heard – Depp case.

The English top having indeed returned to the rumor of Johnny Depp’s violence against her, while they were dating. A testimony said that the former pirate of the Caribbean had pushed Kate Moss down the stairs in the 90s. She then denied these remarks by explaining that a storm had broken out that evening while they were in Jamaica, that she had fallen down the stairs when leaving the hotel and that Johnny Depp had helped her by carrying her to the room and calling a doctor to treat her.

Kate Moss “I know the truth about Johnny”

While the whole world carefully followed and listened to the testimony of Kate Moss last May, she has not finished telling her truth by shouting it from the rooftops. Visibly exasperated by the false testimony which accused Johnny of violence against her.

According to the Sunday Times, Kate Moss would once again have spoken on this subject to the Desert Island Discs: “I know the truth about Johnny. I had to tell this truth.”, she explained. Also according to the Times, she added that she believed in “fairness and justice”, during the interview.

During Kate Moss’ video testimony, Johnny Depp fans were able to see the crestfallen face of his ex-wife, Amber Heard, at the comments made by the English top. A sequence that had gone around the world, and which played on the final decision of the jury in favor of the actor.

Amber Heard VS Johnny Depp: “I know the truth”, Kate Moss drives the point home after the trial

Kate Moss © Zuma Press


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