Justice has decided. On November 2, the London High Court delivered its verdict in the case between Johnny Depp and the Sun, in a defamation battle after the tabloid called the actor a “female drummer”. A fight lost by the star, who suffered a real legal setback, however, not giving up the battle since he decided to appeal this decision. But in the meantime, her fans have decided to go after … Amber Heard. Present at the trial, the actor’s ex-wife now receives many death threats.

While some hope that she will “burn in hell”, others believe that the actress must “pay” for accusing Johnny Depp of domestic violence. On Twitter, hate messages and death threats have increased since the verdict as reported by the Daily Mail, while some admirers of the Pirates of the Caribbean star have even attacked Amber Heard by mentioning her mother, Paige Parsons, whose actress announced her death last May. “If your mother could see what you are doing, she would be happy to die,” she received, reports the tabloid. “It’s so disgusting and it has wreaked havoc in a way you would not imagine”, said one of his relatives.

A verdict that has repercussions on Johnny Depp’s career

A surge of hatred that Amber Heard must now face, she whom justice has ruled in favor by rendering her verdict, supporting her accusations of domestic violence, but also, announcing the accusations of Johnny Depp, who assured that she had defecated in bed. Justice ruled that the tabloid’s description was “substantially true” because “the vast majority of the alleged assaults have been proven.” A verdict which, however, does not put an end to the legal battle of the actor, who decided to appeal this decision. In the meantime, this could have serious repercussions on his career …

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp © FAMEFLYNET

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