Aquaman actress Amber Heard calls the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain, home. After her bitter failure against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, 36, left the United States to live in peace and away from the turmoil and the spotlight. The Daily Mail of October 8, 2022, relayed by Gala reveals that Amber Heard went into exile in Costitx where she used a pseudonym to remain anonymous. The actress chose the pseudonym of a cowgirl, to say the least, emblematic of the Wild West: that of Marta Jane Cannary. Marta Jane Cannary is better known by her pseudonym Calamity Jane.

Amber Heard did not remain anonymous for very long. The one who owes 10 million dollars in damages to Jack Sparrow opted for “a house worth several million euros and belonging to the politician Maria Antònia Munar”, reports Gala. Residents of the small rural town of Costitx and celebrity press photographers are already aware of Amber Heard’s new address. Confiding in El Mundo, a grocer even said that his wife would have recognized the actress immediately.

Amber Heard: the Aquaman actress is a very good neighbor

Amber Heard has moved to Mallorca with her baby girl and girlfriend Bianca Butti. Although people know where they live and who they are, locals would let the 36-year-old actress, her daughter Oonagh Paige and her partner live in peace. By the way, the actress would even behave like ordinary people. “She is very polite, always saying hello. She speaks Spanish, with a Mexican accent, and she behaves like everyone else. She often comes to buy fruit and vegetables,” reports Gala.

Amber Heard: this nickname she uses during her exile in Spain

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