Amber Heard: this gift from her ex-Elon Musk that made her paranoid

Amber Heard doesn’t just go after Johnny Depp anymore. As her trial against her ex-husband is now over in London, and as she prepares to face justice once again in January 2021, it turns out that the 34-year-old actress has been for several years now a accustomed to courts. Because before the Pirates of the Caribbean star sued her for defamation, she was sued by her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk, with whom she lived after her divorce.

A relationship that lasted several months between the billionaire and Amber Heard, who was offered by her companion during their romance a beautiful gift: a car. However, this made the actress paranoid, since she believed her … wiretapped. In documents consulted by The Mirror, Jennifer Howell had revealed in her testimony in court that Paige, the mother of the actress, had told her that “Elon Musk had given a Tesla” to his companion, and that she had discovered that she “had been bugged”. “Paige told me that Amber told her that Elon was in control of who she was,” the actress assured.

Johnny Depp, “a saint” compared to Elon Musk

A relationship that was also apparently not easy for Amber Heard, who would have revealed to her mother Paige, that compared to Elon Musk who still wanted to “control” her, Johnny Depp was an “angel” and a “saint. “. However, she did not want to have children with the actor, she was obviously not against the idea of ​​having one with the billionaire, since the lawsuit between them was aimed precisely at preventing Amber Heard from using her frozen embryos. “Page told me that she was in the midst of a legal battle with him to defend the rights to keep the embryos they created together several years ago. He wanted to destroy them, while Amber tried to keep them. to have a child, ”Jennifer Howell said.

Amber Heard leaving the Royal Court of Justice in London on the last day of the libel trial © Mirrorpix

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