Amber Heard tries everything for everything. A month after being sentenced to 10 million dollars in damages, at the end of the defamation lawsuit which opposed her to her ex-husband Johnny Depp, the lawyers of the American actress are demanding the cancellation of the verdict. In new court documents obtained by the American media PEOPLE, they claim in particular that a bad juror participated in the trial.

In these documents filed in court in Fairfax, Va., the lawyers claim that their client was wronged “based on newly discovered facts and information that juror #15 was not the person summoned. to be juror on April 11, 2022”. According to them, the person who was initially selected in the jury was 77 years old, but the one who presented himself in the end was 52. However, both share the same surname and the same address.

“It is deeply disturbing that someone who was not called to serve on a jury would nevertheless show up as a juror and serve on a jury, especially in a case like this,” the filing reads. , quoted by PEOPLE. Amber Heard’s lawyers claim that their client did not receive a “fair trial” and therefore request the annulment of the trial “and the holding of a new trial”.

Amber Heard’s lawyers make two other arguments to have the lawsuit dismissed

In addition to this alleged bad juror, the lawyers also put forward other arguments to justify their desire to have the verdict annulled. They also believe that Johnny Depp has provided no evidence of the financial damage that the Washington Post column in which Amber Heard presents himself as a victim of domestic violence would have caused. Finally, the actress’s lawyers consider that the amount of damages is excessive. They recall in particular that the jury had initially awarded Johnny Depp a sum greater than the maximum in force in the State of Virginia. Indeed, Amber Heard was first sentenced to a fine of 15 million dollars, then reduced to 10 million dollars by the court. For his part, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean, had been sentenced to a fine of 2 million dollars, because one of his lawyers had been found guilty of defamation towards the young woman. In the end, Amber Heard still had to pay her ex-husband $8 million.

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