For several weeks, Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, have been the center of attention because of their highly publicized trial. While the verdict was rendered on June 1, in favor of her ex-husband, the actress is determined to resume a normal life. A few days ago, she was spotted alongside her sister at a dinner party. The next day, she went to a cheap store. According to information from TMZ, published this Sunday, June 19, the actress was in Bridgehampton, still in the company of Whitney Henriquez. The two women took advantage of a moment to go shopping, in complete transparency. Amber Heard had opted for jeans, a long white shirt and had her hair tied back. The outlet says she was unaware that cameras were following her initially and her facial expression quickly changed. At first, she had a big smile that quickly disappeared. The actress just wanted to have a good time with her family and the paparazzi obviously came to bother her.

On June 1, Amber Heard’s life was turned upside down following her defeat in the trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The actress was found guilty of defamation with malicious intent against Johnny Depp and damages to the tune of $15 million. Quickly, she wanted to break the silence in an interview unveiled a few days ago. She notably indicated that, according to her, the jurors “were influenced by the excellent acting of Johnny”. She also assured that even a “person sure and certain that I deserve all these vitriolic attacks, and that I am lying, could not look me straight in the eye and tell me that I was spoken about fairly on the social networks”. Very transparent during this interview, Amber Heard also made a strange statement: “I had no intention of harming Johnny Depp”, she said before assuring that she “still loves him”. Indeed, she explains: “I loved him with all my heart, and I tried as best as I could to make a deeply damaged relationship work and I did not succeed”, she said. indicated before continuing: “It may seem difficult to understand but it’s actually quite easy, you will understand if you have ever loved someone”. A statement that has caused a lot of talk in recent days.

Amber Heard: why did she feel humiliated during the trial?

This trial caused a lot of talk about him for several weeks. It was highly publicized and broadcast live on social networks. A situation which, according to Amber Heard, would have harmed him. “The majority of this trial took place on social networks”, she first lamented during this interview before adding: “Every day, I passed in front of three, four, sometimes six blocks of house of people holding signs saying I was a witch and wishing me dead”. Additionally, she also had to deal with Johnny Depp fans on the way out of court. “I find myself in front of a group of Jack Sparrow fans. It was the most humiliating moment I have experienced in my entire life”, she recalled, specifying then: I have never felt so dispossessed of my humanity. I felt less human.”

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