This is the first time she has spoken. This Thursday, May 5, Amber Heard delivered chilling testimony during her defamation trial brought by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The actress explained that she was forced to defend herself against the one she loved. It was under oath that the actor’s former companion revealed to the audience the abuse she would have received: “During our arguments, I always tried to defend myself. In December 2014, I pushed back again and again. I always tried to get up but sometimes, well almost always, it made the situation worse and seemed to provoke him”.

Amber Heard also talks about how she was trying to make Johnny Depp realize that he was violent with her: “I was yelling at him, insulting him with awful words. I was so angry at what was going on. happening to me. It was all so unfair to me.” For more than a year, the actress says she tried not to fall into violence too, in response to the beatings she received. She says she threatened Johnny Depp to call in the police if he started hitting her again. “I tried to do everything. I even threatened to leave him. But nothing worked”.

Johnny Depp denies domestic violence

For his part, Johnny Depp declared under oath never to have raised his hand on Amber Heard: “I have never hit Mrs. Heard. I have never hit a woman in my life”, he launched in direction of assistance. During the statements of the actress, he remained stoic, sometimes shaking his head “no”. On several occasions, he was filmed whispering with his lawyer. As a reminder, Johnny Depp claims 50 million euros from Amber Heard for defamation, following the accusations of the latter, who had accused him of domestic violence in 2918 in the Washington Post.

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