Amber Heard’s lawyer would she have a weakness for Johnny Depp? This is the latest rumor to emerge in the halls of the Fairfax court, the scene of the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard since April 11, 2022. According to some Internet users, defense lawyer Elaine Bredehoft is believed to be a former fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean star. What makes them say that? A snapshot dating from 2013, captured the day of the preview of the film Lone Ranger. In the crowd, we can clearly see an admirer resembling exactly the lawyer of Amber Heard. So, would the magistrate be biased?

For the time being, the rumor has not been denied and is causing a lot of debate on social networks. “What if she was losing on purpose, to make Johnny win because she likes him?” Asks a user on the TikTok social network. “I’m sure she became a lawyer to see it,” laughs another. “It doesn’t matter if she likes it or not. She was hired by Amber and it’s her job to defend her,” said a third.

Elaine Bredehoft (one of Amber Heard’s attorneys) seen at a film premiere in 2013.. secret Johnny Depp fan?

— Tina Kilberg (@tinakilberg) April 29, 2022

Is Johnny Depp in a relationship with his lawyer?

Elaine Bredehoft is not the only protagonist of the Depp-Heard trial to be the subject of rumor, far from it. In recent days, Internet users have suggested that something is going on between Johnny Depp and his own lawyer, Camille Vasquez. At the origin of this extravagant theory, images of the trial on which Depp and his defense appear a little too complicit. Some Internet users claim to have observed suspicious gestures, looks and smiles on the videos of the trial … Again, no comment was made by the main interested parties. Note that the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard should end on May 19.

Johnny Depp © Backgrid UK

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