The defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues. But now this Tuesday, May 3, the actress has been clearly disavowed. While his lawyers filed a motion for the comedian’s complaint to be quashed, Judge Penney Azcarate denied that request. “The court should accept this motion to quash because of the indisputable evidence that it was he, in fact, who assaulted Amber”, explained in particular the lawyer of the actress, Ben Rottenborn, before calling his first witness . As for Johnny Depp’s defense, she asked the judge to dismiss the motion saying that Amber Heard “is the aggressor in this courtroom”.

The judge also considered that there were enough elements against Amber Heard to continue the trial and thus let the seven jurors decide the outcome of the complaint which was filed by Johnny Depp, after the testimony of his former wife in the Washington Post in which she described the domestic violence she allegedly suffered. Facts denied by the actor who claims 50 million dollars in damages to Amber Heard. For more than four days, he once again refuted the accusations of his ex-companion. The latter then claims 100 million dollars from him, claiming to have suffered “physical violence and assault” before and during their marriage.

Jennifer Grey: “He was madly jealous and paranoid”

In her book, Jennifer Grey, who shared Johnny Depp’s life, paints a very negative portrait of her former companion. If she remembers that their beginnings were a real joy, the years that followed were not easy: “Johnny was going back and forth every week from Vancouver, but he began to have more and more regular problems: fights in bars and with the cops He had started missing his flights home to Los Angeles because he had overslept or, when he came home, he was madly jealous and paranoid about what I had been doing during his absence”.

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