Amber Heard would have done well without it. After six long weeks of a highly publicized lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, of which she was found guilty of defamation, the American actress has apparently not finished with the legal problems. According to information from the British media DailyMail revealed this Thursday, June 30, the star of Aquaman would have “broke Australian laws on quarantine and biosecurity”. Understand: she did not declare her two dogs (Pistol and Boo) to the Australian government, the country where she resided.

According to Australian law, his two Yorkies should have been declared to customs when entering their new territory in order to respect a ten-day quarantine, as required by law. It was a grooming salon that aroused the suspicions of the authorities after the publication of photos of the two animals on their Facebook account. Charged for the first time in July 2015 for “illegal import of animals”, the actress now has “72 hours to send the dogs home, under penalty of seeing them seized and euthanized”.

Amber Heard will once again have to deal with justice

Seven years ago, Amber Heard had the case dismissed after she “pleaded guilty to falsifying travel documents”, which had earned her a fine of 7,650 dollars. But the case came back into the hands of Australian justice at the end of 2021. “A perjury investigation has been opened after Amber Heard allegedly lied to authorities about the circumstances in which the dogs were brought into the country. “, writes the DailyMail.

Former Johnny Depp employee Kevin Murphy said the actress “ordered him to lie under oath after transporting the animals on a private jet without declaring them.” If Amber Heard is found guilty of perjury, she could face up to 14 years in prison, the maximum sentence in Australia. But it is “unlikely that the Australian government will try to extradite Amber Heard”. To be continued.

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