The trial between ex-spouses Johnny Depp, 58, and Amber Heard, 36, continues in Fairfax, Virginia. Every day new elements come to light in this $100 million defamation lawsuit. The Mirror reported that a police officer gave damning testimony against the Aquaman actress. Police officer Melissa Saenz told the court that Amber Heard was not a victim of domestic violence.

A police officer responded to an incident at Johnny Depp’s penthouse in Los Angeles on May 21, 2016. Officer Melissa Saenz noticed marks on the actress’s face, but she claims these marks corresponded to signs of crying and not to traces left by a cell phone call to the face. Officer Saenz also pointed out that she responds to many domestic violence calls every day and that she had probably seen about 100 domestic violence cases prior to this call at the penthouse.

Johnny Depp was not present in the apartment

Officer Melissa Saenz told the court that she was not alone during this intervention. She was notably accompanied by another agent, Agent Hadden. In pre-recorded testimony, Officer Saenz claimed that Johnny Depp was not present in the apartment and that Amber Heard gave no further information.

After questions from Amber Heard’s lawyers, the police officer admitted that she had not taken any notes, photos or even recorded anything during the call. “Amber Heard was crying, had red eyes and did not make eye contact,” continues the police officer. Melissa Saenz also added that she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary in the apartment and didn’t see anything broken or damaged.

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