Many of you discovered her in 2000 opposite Bruce Willis in the film My Neighbor the Killer. Since then, Amanda Peet has mainly distinguished herself in comedies, like Seven years of seduction, Everything can happen or Scam à la carte, before abandoning cinema for television series like The Romanoffs, Dirty John or Fatal Attraction. In terms of private life, Amanda Peet’s daily life is quite busy, since the actress is the mother of three children, Frances Pen, born February 21, 2007, Molly June, born April 19, 2010 and Henry, born December 7, 2014, of her marriage to David Benioff.

This name may not mean much to you, yet many of you have seen his work. Indeed, David Benioff is none other than the co-creator, showrunner and writer of the television series Games of Thrones, broadcast from 2011 to 2019. That’s one hell of an experience to put in his CV! Amanda Peet’s husband also participated in the writing of the screenplay for Troy, the famous 2004 film with Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom as headliners, or even in the writing of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, released in 2009.

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Amanda Peet: ready to strip to play in the series of her husband

If David Benioff had a high-placed position in the creation of Games of Thrones, he never used his network to obtain a role for his wife, who would not have said no to appear in the fiction. “I really want to be in Game of Thrones. But, so far, I don’t seem able to convince them to insert me in the show”, explained Amanda Peet in the pages of Vulture in 2015, before specifying how she thought to convince the production: “I told them that I would take off my clothes, and they seemed in shock.” The proposal was obviously not conclusive!

Amanda Peet: who is her famous husband?

Amanda Peet and husband David Benioff © Backgrid USA

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