A true heroine. On the morning of Tuesday, August 17, 2021, Alyssa Milano was the victim of a car accident, as reported by TMZ. The American actress was on a freeway in Los Angeles when her uncle suddenly became unwell and passed out while driving the car. She, who was a passenger, the 48-year-old actress had the reflex to intervene and succeeded in braking the vehicle which was deviating dangerously from its path. Alyssa Milano immediately gave her uncle a heart massage, while waiting for help to arrive.

The day after the accident, Alyssa Milano decided to speak out by sharing a long message on her Instagram account. “Yesterday, my family suffered a terrifying and traumatic event”, begins by explaining the actress, while specifying that her uncle Mitch had “a serious heart attack” which “resulted in a car accident”. On his way, the former star of Charmed adds to be “grateful” to the people who stopped to come to their aid, the rescuers who intervened as well as the nursing staff of UCLA Medical Center, a hospital which is in the Westwood neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

Alyssa Milano’s uncle still hospitalized

The mother goes on to refer to her uncle Mitch, who is “such an important part” of her family. “He is with us every day, he spends time with my children and he is present in every significant part of our life,” she continues. For. By the hour, her uncle is still in the hospital and Alyssa Milano does not know if he will recover, she explains. The actress then asks the public and the press to respect the privacy of her family as her uncle “goes through this incredibly painful time”. To conclude her message, Alyssa Milano urges Internet users to learn first aid techniques, “even if you don’t know when you will be called upon to save a life,” she adds. “It’s such a small effort and it can have a huge impact,” she concludes.

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