Making the decision to part with a pet is never easy. But imagine if your partner’s health was at stake? This is exactly what this young woman is facing. On the British site Mumsnet, she shared her poignant story. She has to part with her four-year-old dog because her girlfriend, with whom she has been living for less than a year, is allergic to her adorable fur ball. “The only problem is that I have a dog and we recently found out she was allergic,” she said.

The owner of the adorable furball had a big dilemma. She loved her partner and wanted to start a family with her. But that meant parting with her beloved dog, whom she cherished more than anything. She had finally agreed to find him a new family, but it didn’t go as smoothly as expected. “I haven’t told any of this to my family/friend yet, so as it stands we don’t know if they would even be willing to take the dog,” she expressed. His partner was growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress on the animal’s placement, and conversations about it were going nowhere. round and she starts crying because I haven’t really put a plan in place,” she said. The owner was upset. She found it difficult to talk about this difficult situation. But she didn’t want her partner to feel left out either.

Being allergic to his girlfriend’s dog, a heartbreaking decision has to be made

The post sparked a flurry of reactions from other users. The situation shocked some while others understood the distress of the girlfriend who must take a huge risk for her health. Others sought compromise solutions to help the situation. One user even suggested, “There are HEPA filters out there that will get the pet hair out of your house…why not step up the cleaning, invest in a filter and see if that improves things before you take a decision as drastic as moving?

Allergic to her friend's dog, she makes a devastating request


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