This Thursday, January 19, 2023, viewers will be able to discover a new series, entitled Polonium murder, the Litvinenko affair, broadcast on M6. This new project is inspired by the tragic story of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian KGB agent poisoned in 2006 by a difficult-to-detect substance called polonium 210. The man who became a whistleblower , accused Vladimir Putin of ordering his assassination. A thesis confirmed in 2016 by a British investigation which will accuse Moscow of being responsible for the murder of the former member of the KGB.

The Kremlin will then deny these accusations. But the conclusions of the British police will be confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights in September 2021. According to their reports, Russia is held “responsible” for the assassination of the ex-spy. “So far, the investigation has not brought any results, so throwing such allegations is at least unfounded. We are not ready to recognize such a decision,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry told reporters. Peskov.

A murder ordered by Moscow?

The latter continued: “It is unlikely that the ECHR has the powers or the technical capacities” to shed light on this case, “he said. Questioned by AFP in July, Andrei Lugovoi assured that this case would remain “a mystery covered in darkness” and implicated the British secret services who “do everything possible so that we never know the truth”.David Tennant, the actor who plays this role confides in this case: “Everyone felt the weight of responsibility because it’s recent history. We are not telling a decades-old story. We still feel the shock waves of this affair today. Everyone wanted to approach this subject with immense respect,” he said.

Alexander Litvinenko: how did the ex-Russian agent die?

Polonium murder, the Litvinenko case © Youtube Euronews

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