Alec Baldwin’s fatal shot: the last words of his victim, feeling himself dying, revealed

Halyna Hutchins felt death coming. On October 21, the director of photography for the film Rust was accidentally killed on the set by Alec Baldwin, who was unwittingly handling a loaded gun. A real tragedy, which has since been the subject of a thorough investigation by the police. More than ten days after the drama, the Los Angeles Times published a lengthy article based on interviews with 14 members of the film crew, but also confidential emails and texts that reporters were able to. to consult. In it, they go back in particular on the minutes which preceded the shot. According to them, Alec Baldwin had prepared for a shooting scene inside a church while holding a Colt FD Pietta 45 caliber revolver. “So, I guess I’m going to pull this out, shoot and go,” he said, grabbing the handgun from its holster, which was supposedly loaded with dummy bullets.

That’s when a real bullet came out of the barrel of the gun, hitting the director of the picture. After being hit, Halyna Hutchins tripped back and fell into the chief electrician’s arms on set as blood flowed from her chest, according to the Los Angeles Times. Meanwhile, director Joel Souza, who was reportedly hit by the same bullet, also collapsed. Aware of what had just happened, the technicians rushed to Halyna Hutchins. “Oh that’s not good,” a sound engineer would have said before she said her last words: “No, that wasn’t good. It wasn’t good at all.” Devastated after the death of his “friend”, Alec Baldwin took refuge in a small town with his wife, Hilaria. “We were a very, very well oiled crew to shoot a movie together, and then this horrible event happened,” the actor told TMZ.

Alec Baldwin “needs space”

Since the tragedy, the actor has made a point of meeting the family of his victim on several occasions. “We are in constant contact with him because we are very worried for his family and his child,” he added, his face scarred. Supported by his wife, Alec Baldwin tries as best he can to resume a normal life. But Hilaria remains very worried, worried that he will develop post-traumatic stress. “I brought Alec to this isolated town because we have to mourn the death of Halyna. He went through a really traumatic thing, I’m trying to limit his post-traumatic stress as much as possible, the mother of six confided. children. Look what happens to soldiers and police when something like this happens, it’s always traumatic. Right now Alec needs some space so I can take care of him and his sanity . ”

Alec Baldwin © Backgrid USA

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