By the time she heard about it, Hilaria Baldwin loaded her six children into her car. It must be said that the phone call she received was enough to put her in all her states: her husband, the American actor Alec Baldwin, accidentally shot the director of photography while filming her. next movie, Rust. And of course, Hilaria was completely confused: “I didn’t know where I was going, I just drove my children”.

Accompanied by her children, Mrs Baldwin said she had driven for a whole day in search of a place out of sight, before choosing to go to the city of Manchester, a ski resort located in the state. from Vermont. She logically wanted to protect her children from the media after the terrible accident that happened to her husband, Alec.

Hilaria Baldwin: “We must mourn for Halyna”

Since the accident, Hilaria now fears that Alec will develop post-traumatic stress disorder after the incident that killed the director of photography for the film Rust, Ms Hutchins (42), in addition to accidentally injuring director Joel Souza (48) with a gun. “I brought Alec to this isolated town because we have to mourn Alyna’s death. He went through a really traumatic thing, I’m trying to limit his post-traumatic stress as much as possible.”

She continued her thought process, “Look what happens to soldiers and police when something like this happens, it’s always traumatic. Right now Alec needs some space so I can take care of myself. about him and his sanity “. At this time, the Santa Fé County Sheriff’s conclusions on this fatal shooting cannot be given: “There will be no answers until we know the results of the investigation. We do not yet know. what exactly happened. The process will be long. ” Hopefully this time will be used by Alec Baldwin to rebuild himself …

Alec Baldwin © Backgrid USA

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