Drama or no drama, for Alec Baldwin Christmas is an important holiday and it must be celebrated. Thus, according to information from People, relayed Tuesday, December 21, 2021, which is based on the testimony of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, the couple “will spend a quiet vacation with the children in the Hamptons”. So, with their six children, they should celebrate Christmas as it should even if the actor is increasingly singled out after accidentally killing the director of photography on the set of the movie Rust, in October 2021. “They love it. the holidays with their still young children. For Alec and Hilaria, seeing the joy in their children’s eyes has been magical as they prepare for Christmas, “the couple’s relative added.

“Before Christmas, they focused on the kids, decorating the tree, cooking and spending quality time together (…) They want the kids to have the best holidays and are excited to see them open. their gifts, “he added. Statements that should not please the relatives of Halyna Hutchins, the victim of Alec Baldwin. Moreover, his father came out of the silence to question the words of the famous actor.

Alec Baldwin’s statements are called into question

“I cannot understand his behavior. Why did he delete his messages after authorities confirmed that the incident took place during a rehearsal?” He asked in the columns of The Sun . For Anatoly Androsovych, Alec Baldwin is “partly responsible” for the drama. “This type of weapon does not fire without pressing the trigger, so Alec is indeed partly responsible for what happened”, he said again while the actor assured that he remained at the disposal of justice.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin © STARMAX

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