Alec Baldwin tries to resume a normal life … Nine days ago, the actor caused a real tragedy. While filming in New Mexico, he accidentally killed the cinematographer in the film Rust with a loaded gun he was handling. A drama for the family of Halyna Hutchins, for the entire feature film crew and for Alec Baldwin. “There are no words to express my shock and sadness at the tragic accident that claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins, a deeply admired wife, mother and colleague, he wrote on Twitter after the tragedy. . (…) My heart is broken for her husband, their son and all those who knew and loved Halyna. ” Since the death of the quarantine, an investigation has been opened and several people interviewed to understand under what circumstances a loaded weapon may have ended up on the set.

Devastated, Alec Baldwin took refuge with his wife, Hilaria, in the small town of Manchester, where he was seen shopping. In photos published by the New York Post, he is seen walking into a Ralph Lauren store and coming out with a bag of clothes. If he did not want to speak, his wife simply replied to reporters that it was “a real tragedy”. On her Instagram account, she had already spoken to pay tribute to the victim. “My heart is with Halyna. Her husband. Her son. Their family and loved ones,” she wrote, before addressing her thoughts to “her Alec”. “It is impossible to express the shock and heartache of such a tragic accident,” added the mother of six. “Hysterical” and “inconsolable” since the drama, the actor has meanwhile to meet the relatives of Halyna Hutchins.

Alec Baldwin’s fatal shot: where is the investigation?

Devastated by this tragedy, the International Cinematographers Guild has decided to open an online fundraiser to help those close to Halyna Hutchins. And in a few days, an insane amount has already been raised since the fundraising has already reached more than 230,000 dollars, or nearly 200,000 euros, thanks to the generosity of more than 3,000 generous donors. More than a week after the tragedy, the investigation is still ongoing and the police are moving towards two personalities present on the set. All eyes were first on the young chief gunsmith and then on the assistant director, who admitted not having checked the weapon before giving it to the actor. Especially since Dave Halls had among other things been fired from a previous shoot for an incident with a pistol.

Alec Baldwin © Bestimage

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