October 21, 2021 will unfortunately remain a very tragic date for Alec Baldwin. Since that famous day and the drama that took place on the set of the movie Rust, her life has changed. The actor is struggling to find a normal and stable daily life. But even when he tries, some are there to remind him that he no longer has the right to happiness. Indeed, for a few weeks, the actor had been sharing his daily life surrounded by his family on his Instagram account. An attitude that has not at all pleased many Internet users, not hesitating to criticize it.

Worn out by this behavior, Alec Baldwin then made a big decision on Monday, December 6, after sharing a touching photo of his hands entwined in that of his wife, Friday, December 3: “Whatever happens to me. It doesn’t matter if I suffer. Whether I win or lose, anything. Anything. No one can take away the joy and love you gave me. Times are hard. The world is invaded by hate. But you gave me a reason to live. Our life with our family is all that matters to me. Nothing else. I owe it to you “, he wrote in the photo caption, thus thanking his wife to give him all her support.

Alec Baldwin: “Someone put a live bullet in a gun”

But at the beginning of the week, Alec Baldwin decided to cut himself off from all these criticisms: the actor simply made the decision to leave Instagram, and to pass his account in private. He also deleted his Twitter account. A way of no longer seeing the very negative opinions of some of his detractors, who do not hesitate to put his head under water. The actor also gave an interview about the drama for the NBC channel and denies having deliberately shot the director of photography: “How did she get there?: ‘I don’t have no idea. Someone put a live bullet into a gun. A bullet that wasn’t even supposed to be there. ” A very hard testimony.

Alec Baldwin © Backgrid UK

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