Alec Baldwin: facing his future victim before the fatal shot, a tragic photo unveiled

Serge Svetnoy still can’t believe it. On October 21, Halyna Hutchins died on the set of their movie Rust. The firearm given to Alec Baldwin during rehearsals was loaded. The actor points the gun at the camera to repeat the scene and pulls the trigger: the bullet fatally hits the director of photography and injures the director, Joel Souza. In a post published on October 22 on Facebook, Serge Svetnoy shared his sadness and recounted the last moments with the 42-year-old woman. The man unveils the snapshot taken in the famous church: the last of Halyna alive. Alec Baldwin is seen facing the film crew.

In another publication, published on October 24, Serge Svetnoy recounted the young woman’s last moments: “I worked with Halyna on almost all the films. Sometimes we shared food and drink. We burned under the sun , froze in the snow. We were taking care of each other. Yes, she was my friend! ” The man was there at the fatal moment. “I was standing very close to her during the fatal shot that took her life (…), we can still read. I held her in my arms when she died. Her blood was on my hands.” A chilling tale.

A member of the team responsible for the fatal shot?

On October 21, 2021, Alec Baldwin accidentally killed 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a gun that needed to be blank loaded. Since then, an investigation has been opened. And information is accumulating about the assistant director.

Indeed, according to the production company, the man had already been implicated in a case of weapons on a film set: “Dave Halls was fired from the set of Freedom’s Path in 2019 after a member of the he team was slightly injured when a weapon was accidentally fired, “a producer of the film told AFP.

Alec Baldwin © The ImageDirect

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